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Bholi Began its Journey

The Beginning

Entrepreneurship sounds like a dream, right? You get all the freedom to create your own schedule and you get all the profit. But what most people don’t see is there's a lot of work cut out to make that dream a reality. And it can be really tough. Bholi's Journey is no different. However, like every child's birth brings happiness and excitement, the beginning of Bholi's Journey was equally exciting. It was the year when Bholi was born

Customers called it


Like Any New Born, there comes curiosity. Bholi's curiosity was in so many products. She tried everything before finally realizing that Thousands of weavers across India curate the best designs and quality in Sarees, each product requiring unique craftsmanship. Bholi was committed to preserve the Indian tradition, it was her new found love. She felt the difference when her customers held her soft and comfortable sarees. She called it tasting her first round of success, her customers called it Love.

Freshness in Products

It Continues

All of us understand a child's teething process. A time when the child faces a lot of hardships but also gets a lot of care and support. This was the year when Pandemic stuck and like so many other businesses, the challenges that lay ahead were no different. The feeling of surety seemed to diminish. But for every good cause there are wonderful angel like supporters. Bholi is extremely Thankful to its weavers who understood Bholi's passion and supported her unconditionally in spite of the hard times the whole world was facing. So what happens if someone stands by you? You flourish and so do the good samaritans around you.

Bholi By Vartika

Continues forever

Bholi is an Indian brand that celebrates its heritage by making raw and uninhibited pieces in traditional fabrics. We're not just showing you what our ancestors wore, we're telling you about their spirits. Bholi products are representations of the immense souls who have touched this art. Bholi By Vartika is a clothing label that specializes in high-quality traditional weaving. Bholi is not just any other clothing label, but an amalgamation of centuries of experience in the Saree Space. This brand believes in creating sustainable, quirky and enigmatic fashion for all to enjoy.


Love in the air

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A BHOLI saree is well worth the investment. With loving care, you may gift BHOLI sarees to future generations as family heirlooms. Our beautiful muslin bags will help you protect your sarees from the ravages of time. They are the perfect addition to extend the life of your sarees by keeping them organized and free from dust in your wardrobe. Our bags come with a small window so you can clearly see the saree when placed in storage. As an added bonus, our eco-friendly bags come with buttons carved from coconut shells. Save the planet!